Loyal IV Clinic


Welcome to the Loyal IV Clinic Membership program.

Membership Benefits

  • Members enjoy exclusive benefits, which may include discounted services, priority scheduling, and special promotions.
  • Benefits are subject to change, and members will be notified of any updates.

Membership Duration

  • Memberships are available in monthly or annual durations.
  • Automatic renewal occurs at the end of the membership period unless canceled by the member.

Membership Fees

  • Membership fees are due at the beginning of each billing cycle.
  • Fees are non-refundable, and partial refunds are not provided for unused portions of the membership.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • Members may cancel their membership at any time.
  • Cancellations must be requested before the next billing cycle, and no refunds will be provided for the current billing period.

Termination of Membership

  • Loyal IV Clinic reserves the right to terminate or suspend a membership at any time for any reason.
  • Memberships may be terminated for violation of these terms or for any disruptive behavior.

Contact Information

  • For inquiries or assistance regarding your membership, please contact us at sangchinpar@gmail.com
  • Our team is dedicated to providing support and ensuring a positive membership experience.