Loyal IV Clinic

Our Team

Sang Chin Par (Chin Chin), the Founder & CEO of Loyal IV Clinic. With a strong background as a Registered Nurse specializing in Oncology, Chin Chin has been making a difference in the healthcare industry since 2021.

But her journey didn’t start there. Chin Chin’s path to success began as a Certified Medical and Legal Interpreter, where she honed her skills for over 10 years. This experience allowed her to truly understand the cultural needs of patients, paving the way for the inception of Loyal IV Clinic.

Chin Chin’s passion for providing exceptional care and personalized treatment options drove her to establish Loyal IV Clinic, where she and her team are dedicated to delivering top-notch healthcare services. Through her unwavering dedication and expertise, she has built a loyal community of patients who trust her and the clinic’s commitment to their well-being.

Experience the difference that Chin Chin and Loyal IV Clinic bring to the healthcare landscape. Join us on this remarkable journey towards better health and wellness.

Dr. Drollinger journey in the medical field began during high school as an EKG Technician, progressing to refining his IV skills in his hometown’s Emergency Room. With 8 years of experience in a Level 1 TraumaCenter ER in San Antonio, he pursued his education at Texas Lutheran University, achieving a Bachelor’s in Biology and Spanish Studies, plus a minor in Chemistry. Medical school at St. George’s University in Grenada followed, leading to Pediatrics residency at UTMB in Galveston, Texas.

Beyond medicine, his passions encompass travel, scuba diving, piano, and cherishing moments with loved ones. He eagerly looks forward to joining your healthcare journey.